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Everybody wants to debate Congressman Doug Lamborn, but he's not so interested.

Remember when he dismissed requests for debate from his Republican primary opponent, Robert Blaha?

"Just because someone has a bunch of money," Lamborn says, "and they get themselves on the ballot by paying for signatures on a petition, and they think that they can buy a seat in Congress, doesn't mean that I necessarily feel that justifies a debate."

The campaign for Dave Anderson, the independent who will be challenging Lamborn this fall, has launched the website Debating Doug Lamborn, which addresses the congressman's reticence.

Doug Lamborn has not been inclined to debate challengers for Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District seat.

Reasons may include:

- Confidence that Lamborn supporters vote,

- High Republican Party registrations,

- Experience…

The site features Anderson's policy positions, the 106-page opposition research packet that the Blaha campaign put together and released into the wild, and a video of Lamborn from his debate against Jay Fawcett in 2006.

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