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So, random note: Somehow I've managed to go roughly 12 years without seeing a delivered Gazette sitting in the driveway of a house. That is, until this morning when, I walked by one almost without realizing it. (I'm chalking this up to the fact that the blue bag was thicker than the paper inside it.)

Anyway, if you're a fan of getting/picking up the newspaper like so, you're going to like the news (that we're apparently coming to very late) that your loyalty will be rewarded with print-only stories.

I know, I know: "Where are my scissors? My aunt would love this story! Wait, where are my ... letter-wrapping-things-sticky-things ..."

Yes, it appears that the Gazette is holding some news back from, in an effort to drive people to the print edition. Rich Tosches notes this change of emphasis in his Indy column this week. But as put in a more straightforward July 27 blog post (to which we're also late) from ex-editor Jeff Thomas:

The Colorado Springs Gazette has made its own counter-intuitive move in recent weeks, preparing showcase news reports for the Sunday editions that are available in print only. ...

For a decade, though, the Gazette newsroom has been willing itself into a digital-first operation. For many years the standard procedure has been to post news online as soon as possible, leaving most print considerations for the end of the day. As the G’s editor, my instructions to the news staff were to hold almost nothing back from the website. Post first, publish later has been utterly routine in the newsroom for a long time now. Most news stories planned for the Sunday paper, for example, are posted at during the day Saturday.

Now this, from a company that, in a cost-cutting move late last year, laid off about a dozen people in the newsroom who were considered by current management to be not digital enough.

A couple other A1 stories this week have been either posted well after they've been delivered to front doors, or lost to the wilds of the G's website, impossible to find without a targeted Google search.

We've e-mailed content director Carmen Boles three times in the past couple days, in hopes of learning more about this approach, and also to find out how visitors were made aware that they'd no longer find a given day's top story online.

So far, we've gotten no reply. We'll update if that changes.


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