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Hunter Flores
  • Hunter Flores

As if those in the pizza delivery profession don't already have it hard enough.

Three teens have been arrested by the Colorado Springs Police Department in connection with a series of robberies, in which they targeted a couple of pizza delivery guys.

Come on, pizza delivery is not an easy gig. You always smell like pepperoni, you drive your car into the ground, you are constantly dealing with ungrateful customers (who are getting a pizza delivered TO THEIR HANDS), it's crappy hours, and the rain, the snow, the low pay, etc., etc...

Having done my time at Dominos, I feel a special sympathy.

From the CSPD blotter:

Three Colorado Springs men have been arrested and charged for their involvement in a series of 'street robberies' occurring over the past few weeks. On July 20th at midnight, a pizza delivery driver was robbed as he made a delivery in the 1000 block of Auburn Drive in eastern Colorado Springs. Two males approached him and threatened him with a knife. They stole the victim's delivery (food items), his personal belongings, and his car. A few days later, Robbery Unit Detectives learned the stolen car was recovered and five individuals were in custody in Salina, Kansas on a separate investigation. Two Robbery Unit investigators drove to Kansas to follow up on the case. They learned sufficient information to pursue and develop further leads on other cases in Colorado Springs. As the investigation progressed, three suspects were identified and were charged/arrested on August 6th and 7th. Currently, there are four robbery cases for which these men are believed responsible. On August 7th, Alexis Mendez, 18, and Hunter Flores, 19, were arrested on warrants by Robbery Unit Detectives at separate locations in Colorado Springs. Jonathan Glaspy, 19, who was already in the Criminal Justice Center on separate charges, was charged in two cases. Alexis Mendez is also charged in two of the cases. Flores is charged in three cases.

07/16/12 (10:20PM) — Two victims were robbed at knifepoint while sitting in their car in a parking area at Palmer Park (Flores and Mendez)

07/20/12 (Midnight) — A pizza delivery person was robbed at knifepoint in the 1000 block of Auburn Dr. (Glaspy)

07/23/12 (11:30PM) - A pizza delivery person was robbed at knifepoint in the 1400 block of Bowser Dr. (Glaspy and Flores)

08/01/12 (1PM) — Two people were threatened with a bat and robbed by two male suspects in a parking area at Palmer Park (Flores and Mendez)

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