Springs landscape company beautifying fire-damaged, destroyed lawns in Mountain Shadows



Boasting rolling hills, scenic vistas and lots of dense, natural flora, Mountain Shadows was an aesthetically enviable location before the Waldo Canyon Fire turned much of its green to brown.

Some of the potted plants donated to aid the restoration of Mountain Shadows

    Thanks to the efforts of Personal Touch Gardening & Landscape, as well as the generosity of local businesses, some of that color is creeping back into the hillside.

    Their initiative, called the Cultivating Hope Project, brings together volunteer labor, donated landscaping materials and other resources, and Personal Touch's, well, personal touch, in an effort to restore the area's lawns, planters and gardens to their former appeal.

    Already, they've brought 153 potted flowers to the area, as well as $10,000 of other plant material. Their final goal, though, is to donate "800 Evergreen trees, 800 deciduous trees, 2,000 native shrubs, and 4,000 flowering native plants" to the area, according to their press release.

    That's a lot of green.

    And it's going to take a lot of "green" to get there. You can thank the generosity of their sponsors, listed on the effort's webpage, for that. If you want to get involved, they still need volunteer labor to make sure the plants stay watered and fed before they can be picked up by rebuilding residents. Donations and sponsorships are also sought after.

    With a partnership with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, those donations can now be considered a tax write-off. "So, now we can take it to the next level ... get some trees up there," says Personal Touch president Joanne Goodner.

    The next delivery (of many to come) is set for Aug. 9. To volunteer, or, if you're a victim, ask about free materials and discounted landscaping, inquire at their website.

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