From the bargain-hunter's bag: Yard sale time!



So excited to pick up a flier at Colorado Coffee Merchants for the Venetian Village yard sale, happening this weekend. Next to the Old North End sale, which happened earlier this summer, this is one of the best opportunities to grab some great deals, and get a little sun while doing it.


On top of that, the new Ivywild Facebook page says that neighborhood, too, will be having a sale this weekend:

From Ivywilder Martin:
The first annual community wide yard sale is coming up soon!
The dates are Friday August 3rd, Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th. - 9am to 4pm.

We are trying to encourage all neighbors to participate. Please pass the word around. This is just like having a normal yard sale at your house, however we are trying to get everyone in the neighborhood to do it on the same weekend. Hoping to create some synergy, Ivywild-style!

And specifically for dancers, the following Saturday, Aug. 11, Ormao Dance Company, 10 S. Spruce St., will host a "Bring & Buy" dancer-specific yard sale. Bring and donate those leotards that don't fit anymore, or those brand-spankin'-new ballet shoes you bought and then took two classes in before stuffing them in the back of your closet (... um ... no, I'm not speaking from experience ... well, OK, maybe I am ...).

Then purchase someone else's worn-once recital costume (Halloween, anyone?), or tap shoes they purchased and wore once before stuffing them in the back of their closet .... It'll also be a great place for all you parents to bring the dance wear your kiddos grow out of every six months, recoup some costs, and inexpensively stock up for next year.

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