UPDATE: Colorado College and Air Force rank as some of the best




UPDATE: We were remiss in not mentioning that the U.S. Air Force Academy also did mighty fine in this study — you mean, we were supposed to read the whole thing? — placing 35th overall, six spots behind CC.

"It was established in 1954 and currently has 4,413 undergraduate students," reads Forbes' report. "The academy has the only accredited, undergraduate, satellite program that currently has two satellites in orbit: the student-built FalconSAT-3 and FalconSAT-5."

Demographics listed show the Academy's 78 percent male, and 71 percent white, with Hispanic/Latino and Asian/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander coming up second and third at 9 and 8 percent of the student body, respectively.

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Today, Forbes magazine decided Colorado College is the 29th best college in the country — not as high a ranking as Princeton University, at No. 1, but, you know, higher than Texas Southern University at 650.

The blurb on CC shows its student body is 54 percent female, 73 percent white (with Hispanic/Latino taking second) and is almost entirely made up of full-time students. (No word on the number of fixies on campus, but it's undoubtedly record-breaking.)

"Students also prepare and serve a meal every Sunday to the community’s hungry and homeless in what is believed to be the oldest student-run community kitchen," it reads, adding: "Colorado College students are less than three hours from 10 ski resorts and less than a day’s drive from seven national parks. Currently, it has 2,026 undergraduate students."

In a statement, Forbes executive editor Michael Noer says his list validates the hundreds of thousands of dollars being dropped on all that book learnin'.

“It’s easy to spend more than a quarter of a million dollars for an undergraduate degree, and a lot of people are beginning to ask: Is it worth it?” he says. “The answer obviously varies, but it is still an unqualified ‘yes’ for those schools ranking at the top of our list.”

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