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UPDATE: Suthers wasn't a 'backer' of pro-lease group



We just received this e-mail from Stephannie Finley, explaining how John Suthers' name got posted without his permission. When she says it was brought to their attention yesterday, that probably came from Suthers' communications director. We contacted her, raising the question of Suthers supporting an issue involving a lease he was reviewing as attorney general under the Hospital Transfer Act.

The mistake was made by the guy who constructed our web-site. We gave him a list of people we contacted who gave us permission to use their name; one column on the list showed the person we called — and in some instances that also included their spouse — and the other column showed who said “yes”. There were three instances where we were given permission to use a name, but not their spouses’ name, and the web-site guy pulled the names off the wrong column. It was brought to our attention late yesterday and was corrected immediately this morning. I apologize to John for the mistake, as well as the other two. Everybody on the web-site gave us express permission — either by signing a card or sending us an e-mail — to use their name.

—————————————-ORIGINAL POST WED., JULY 18, 3:04 P.M.——————————————
Colorado Attorney John Suthers is analyzing the lease of city-owned Memorial Health System to be sure it conforms to state law and satisfies the Hospital Transfer Act.

Colorado Springs Memorial Health System

So it was a little shocking to see he was listed as a supporter on the website of the committee, called "Great City. Great Care,"which is promoting a "yes" vote on the measure.

We asked the AG's office about that. Here's the response we received from communications director Carolyn Tyler:

Mr. Suthers did not give permission for his name to be used as a supporter of the ballot measure. In fact, once you brought this to our attention, we had his name removed from Great City, Great Care Coalition’s website. Only his wife’s name remains.

As the Attorney General of Colorado, Mr. Suthers has the statutory responsibility to review the lease. There is no conflict of interest that would prevent him from performing that responsibility.

Which makes you wonder: Why would this committee simply list the attorney general's name as a supporter without checking first, and how many others were listed on the website without being asked?

We've submitted those questions to Great City. Great Care organizer Stephannie Finley, who used to work for the Chamber of Commerce here and now works at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

If and when we hear from her, we'll update.

The city is asking voters to weigh in on a 40-year lease of Memorial to the University of Colorado Health System. The election is August 28.

And speaking of the election, Mayor Steve Bach's spokeswoman Cindy Aubrey says the city needs to figure out a way for the folks who were burned out of their homes in Mountain Shadows to get ballots. The election will be conducted by mail, and it's illegal for mail ballots to be forwarded to another address.

We'll keep you posted when Aubrey comes up with a plan. Please note that the City Clerk's website still says nothing about how to register for the special election. Heck, it doesn't even mention there will be a special election. What's up with that?

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