Urban Renewal investigation almost done



Bach: Oh no you didnt
  • Bach: Oh no, you didn't.
Remember that investigation of the Urban Renewal Authority?

Oh sure you do. It was only announced — yawn — five months ago. At the time, Mayor Steve Bach was hopping mad because a member of the Urban Renewal Authority embarrassed him in front of Council in regards to the Ivywild renewal project. So the mayor, using his appointment power over the state-sanctioned board, replaced a bunch of its members.

He also called an investigation of the Authority, pointing out that the Authority had recently asked him to approve a line of credit to cover their basic expenses, which he found an outrage. The Authority was also in default over bonds tied to the North Nevada Avenue renewal project.

Anyway, there was a lot of hoopla. And then ... nothing.

Well, apparently, the city is just about to wrap up its inquiry. City spokesperson Cindy Aubrey says results should be done soon. Bach and Council plan to discuss the findings privately — cleverly skirting Sunshine laws, we assume — before announcing them to the public.

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