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The city and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority are offering residents a great deal: fifty percent off on concrete repairs to sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

The sidewalk in front of your home is your responsibility to fix, but since 2004, the city has offered some PPRTA funding to help struggling homeowners make repairs. The allocation was so popular that there's currently a 15-year waiting list to get help. To ease that pressure, the city is allowing residents to apply for a 50 percent subsidy for repairs to "Priority 1" and "Priority 2" sidewalks.

"Priority 2" is based on the level of damage. Citizens must meet at least one of the following requirements: at least 75 percent of curb is chipped away, concrete has settled at least two inches, or at least 50 percent of the surface has worn away, leaving a rough surface.

To meet "Priority 1," sidewalks must have a "Priority 2" condition and also: have a verified accident or claim due to the sidewalk, be in the path of a disabled citizen, or be within a 250-yard proximity to a hospital, school, senior center or bus stop.

Interested people should call 385-5411 to schedule an inspection.

For the whole release, see below.

City offers concrete repair cost-sharing option

On Wednesday, June 13, the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority approved the City’s request to start a 50/50 cost-sharing program to repair/replace concrete sidewalks and curb and gutter adjacent to private property (rated Priority 1 or 2 – ratings explained further in release). Fifty percent of the cost would be paid for using PPRTA funds, while the property owner would pay the other half.

Concrete repairs to sidewalks and curb gutter adjacent to private property are ultimately the responsibility and liability of the adjacent property owner; however, when the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority sales tax was passed in 2004, the City decided to allocate some of its PPRTA maintenance funding to assist with these repairs. Currently there is an approximately 15-year backlog of citizen requests for concrete repair. This new 50/50 cost-sharing program is designed to allow citizens to get those Priority 1 and 2 areas addressed sooner. This will also allow the PPRTA funding to address more needs with the money allocated. In 2012, $107,500 is budgeted for this program.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this new program for our citizens,” said Chief of Staff Laura Neumann. “This is a win-win partnership for property owners and the PPRTA/City. Property owners will be able to get help with these repairs and get them done this year and we’ll be able to stretch our PPRTA dollars farther to help more people.”

Repair needs must meet Priority 1 or 2 levels using objective criteria established under the PPRTA concrete repair program.

Priority 2 areas are those that meet at least one of these conditions:
· 75 to 100 percent of the curb head or sidewalk is chipped or broken
· Concrete has settled at least 2 inches
· 50% or more of the surface has spalled (top ½ to 1 inch has worn away, leaving a rough surface)

Priority 1 areas meet at least one of the Priority 2 conditions AND at least one of these conditions:
· Verified accident or claim for injury caused by damage
· Citizen with a disability whose access is impeded due to damage
· 250 yard proximity to hospital, school, senior center or bus stop

Citizens interested in participating should call 385-5411 to schedule an inspection/rating session with a City/PPRTA inspector. If the area meets the criteria, the City’s/PPRTA predetermined contractor will provide a cost estimate and enter into a contract with the City/PPRTA and property owner to complete the work. The contractor will bill the property owner directly. A City/PPRTA inspector will oversee the contractor’s work to ensure quality and compliance with the City’s Standard Specifications and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here are some basic cost estimates for concrete work:

· Remove damaged curb and gutter $9.25 per linear foot
· Install curb and gutter $17.50 per linear foot
· Remove damaged sidewalk $2.10 per square foot
· Install sidewalk $3.60 per square foot

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