Owen Hill: Liston lying in radio ads



CORRECTION: This blog post has been updated below. We apologize for the error. The original story was posted Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 3:37 PM.

Rep. Larry Liston
  • Rep. Larry Liston

Today, we were forwarded a letter that attorney Michael Francisco addressed to 740 KVOR on behalf of his client Owen Hill.

Hill, as we know, is a Republican candidate for Senate District 10. In the letter, Francisco claims that the station is running a "deceptive and misleading" ad by Hill's primary opponent Rep. Larry Liston. The letter was sent to KBIQ, KZNT, and KGFT as well.

From the letter:

The ad falsely claims Mr. Hill lied about where he lives "saying he moved to his father-in-law's couch" so he could run in a different district. This claim is patently false.


In fact, the past two residencies listed on Mr. Hill's voter registration and documents filed with the Secretary of State are both within Senate District 10, making this false ad even more pernicious. There can be no dispute about Owen Hill's status as a resident in Senate District 10.

We wrote about the issue of Hill's residency here. What we found was that Hill indeed filed his candidate affidavit for SD 10, and previously for House District 16, using his in-laws' address.

Originally, Hill was eying a run in HD 16, but his Madison Street home wasn't in that district. So, Hill began the process of moving into that district, going so far as putting his home up for sale. However, Hill was in the process of moving, which is why he claimed his in-laws' address on the affidavit. He had even put his house on the market. When his home was drawn into SD 10 through the reapportionment process, he dropped the House bid, took his home off the market and focused on the Senate race.

At no time, as far as the reapportioned SD 10 is concerned, did Hill not live in the district he is now running for.

We also reported that as of May 23, the day our article came out, Hill was also using his in-laws' address for his voter registration. This was a potentially more pressing issue, as state law is clear that you must register with your actual residence, if you plan on voting, or face unpleasant penalties.

Hill updated his voter registration information to claim his Madison address the following day.

What we did not report, however, was that Hill had said he moved to his father-in-law's couch. We have a call into Liston to see where he got that statement, and will include any response here.

In the meantime, Hill has this to say about Liston's ad:

If Larry actually had a record of promoting Liberty for the people of Colorado he wouldn't have to resort to slanderous lies. Unfortunately, this is typical of career-politicians who resort to bullying their own constituents and lying to people in a desperate attempt to cling to power at all costs.

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