Celebrate Moog's birthday with Google's ingenious little synthesizer



Googles working synth honoring Bob Moogs birthday
  • Google's working synth honoring Bob Moog's birthday.

By now, you may have noticed that today's Google "doodle" is a bite-sized synthesizer honoring electronic instrument pioneer Robert Moog's 78th birthday.

But what you might have overlooked is the degree of functionality it has. The working keyboard is just the beginning; there are also a couple dozen control knobs to tweak envelopes, filters, oscillators and a bunch of other stuff that'll make you sound very space-age.

If all that weren't enough, there's also a miniature "reel-to-reel" tape deck that has four tracks, so you can multitrack your own minor masterpiece and then share it with others.

Just one drawback: Birthdays last but one day, and so does this ingenious little plaything. So go here and check it out while you can.

And, while you're at it, here's an excellent video that'll teach you how to use it, while also giving you a quick lesson in the basics of music synthesis. Have fun!

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