No celebration for the standing ovation



As those who have caught performances at the Pikes Peak Center, World Arena or anywhere that involved anybody doing anything in front of anybody can tell you, there are too many standing ovations. Ben Brantley at the New York Times presents the new alternative:

I would like to make the case, officially and urgently, for the return of the sitting ovation. Because we really have reached the point at which a standing ovation doesn’t mean a thing. Pretty much every show you attend on Broadway these days ends with people jumping to their feet and beating their flippers together like captive sea lions when the zookeeper arrives with a bucket of fish. This is true even for doomed stinkers that find the casts taking their curtain calls with the pale, hopeless mien of patients who have just received a terminal diagnosis. ...

Or, to put it in cruder and more extreme terms, it’s like having sex with someone on the first date, whether you like the person or not, because you think it’s expected.

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