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Hopefully you're planning on "The Poet Spiel... Also Known As" tomorrow night at the Business of Art Center.

Spiel, who we profiled last week, will give a one-man performance featuring his poetry both new and old. While you're there, though, be sure to explore the artwork, which is a beautiful selection from throughout Spiel's career.

The show begins with this drawing, a self-portrait documenting Spiel's struggle with migraines. Normally it hangs in Spiel's studio, which makes it feel all the more personal given its medium. (I find drawings, given their simplicity, and the way they highlight an artist's signature line, to be highly intimate.)

Nearby hangs "This Means Nothing," which is a revamped version of "can we talk about sex?" the work that was removed from the Colorado State Fair art exhibit last year amid controversy. Here, Spiel added a background paper quilt, similar to the show's titular piece "for dying out loud." Spiel explains "Nothing"'s sort of provenance in great detail on the work's information card.

Other works include a print from Spiel's Consider Your Confines exhibit, which keeps with Spiel's intense and indelible spirit. There are two bread sculptures as well, one of which is made from real white bread piled in a sickening tower bulging with what looks like petrified whipped cream.

Imagine that kind of feeling in word form, and you'll get an idea of what to expect from "Also Known As." And as we've said before, it contains explicit content, and no children will be allowed to attend.

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