The Manitou Springs Lysol incident goes viral




There has to be a better way to discourage that notorious "butt sex."

As News Channel 7 in Denver, reported, "two mothers chaperoning the Manitou Springs High School prom are accused of spraying Lysol disinfectant on teens for dirty dancing and calling the girls whores' and 'sluts.'


The parents, Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, were cited for harassment, for allegedly 'directing obscene language to another in a public place.'"

According to the police report, Farmer and Rockey told at least one of the girls involved in the incident that she and her friends "were advertising butt sex" before the alleged dousing.

From The Smoking Gun:

Officer Scott Stone, who was working a security detail at the prom, told investigators that he had spoken with Farmer and Rockey after arriving at the dance around 8 PM. He recalled that the chaperones—who were dressed in combat boots, military fatigues, and military undershirt—noted that “some of the kids were becoming disruptive and were being explicit while dancing.”

Farmer, a former school board member, reported that “she had ways to deter the behavior,” recalled Stone, who added that the woman noted she “would use Lysol spray, flashlight, or another unknown object” to deter students “from certain styles of dancing.” Both chaperones told the cop that bumping and grinding was “filthy” and “similar to what you would see on MTV.”

Next, according to the police report, Rockey allegedly "proceeded to spray Lysol at them, which got on their clothing, mouth and eyes. The spray caused the students to cough and leave the area."

This story is just so weird and wrong that it has naturally gone viral, getting picked up by ABC News and Jezebel among other outlets.

For once, it's not Colorado Springs that's the laughingstock of national media. Thank you, Manitou.

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