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No more brewing at Judge Baldwin's




Located within the bland austerity of downtown's Antlers Hilton, Judge Baldwin's Brewing Co. has always been something of a warm embrace — with its wood-heavy interior and pub-style menu that's offered increasingly better food in recent years.

Unfortunately, the beer's seemed something of an also-ran in the focus of the restaurant's management, and it seems they've finally killed it for good. We've got a message in to the brewery, but in the meantime blog Focus on the Beer reports the outfit has kicked the in-house-boozing habit for good and instead will offer eight taps full of other Colorado craft beer.

They may add a macro product but Aaron [Duff, restaurant manager] says that's not his goal. I asked if Phantom Canyon Brewing (who is almost literally kitty-corner) was sucking up their business and he said he actually thinks both businesses benefit from each other in many ways. In the end, he told me that making beer in-house was just getting too expensive. The brewery was only producing extract beers, which can be quite expensive, and also much less versatile than an all-grain system and it's just easier to have people bring the beer in to you. Mike Ford, the brewer, has been an employee there for some time and was offered a supervisor position.

One thing's for sure: Phantom Canyon is definitely doing fine. The corner restaurant that's owned by a Denver restaurant conglomerate will soon add a two-story addition, as well as an outdoor patio, the Colorado Springs Business Journal reports.

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