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Rep. Marsha Looper
  • Rep. Marsha Looper

With yesterday's filing, we have gotten a first glimpse into the campaign finances of Rep. Marsha Looper.

As we all know, Looper, a Republican, is running in a primary against House Majority Leader Amy Stephens. So far, this primary competition has been notable for the particularly nasty tone it has taken.

What we learn from the filing: Looper's money has come almost entirely out of her own pocket.

According to TRACER, the Secretary of State's campaign finance website, Looper has contributed a stunning $123,961 to her campaign.

Wow, right?

Well, not that wowing, actually.

According to Looper campaign staff, that number is off by about $90,000. Apparently a clerical error added a zero to a $10,000 contribution. She has actually donated to her campaign roughly $34,000 between Jan. 26 to May 2, the time period this filing covers.

Still, her money makes up the lion's share of the roughly $37,000 that she has raised.

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