Indy Minute: Spartan target practice, SlutWalk, war on canvas and more



Indy Minute

Jack Ward at the Bear Creek Park archery range

Filmed at the Bear Creek archery range, this week's Indy Minute highlights the first-ever Spartan Military Sprint, coming this weekend to Fort Carson . Also, on Friday, dual exhibition Rubrittica vs. Ceralusia opens at the Modbo and S.P.Q.R., plus the Wombats play the Black Sheep. On Sunday, you can stop by Acacia Park to join the SlutWalk/SlutFest Colorado Springs in support of healthy sexuality without the threat of violence, denigration or marginalization.

Our thanks to fellow Spartan racer Jason Coker for his archery demonstration at the Bear Creek Park archery range. And to all you brave souls about to embrace your destiny on the Spartan course ... AROO!

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