A fox family feast on Wahsatch


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You've gotta appreciate Discovery Channel or Animal Planet moments when they happen right in front of you in the city.

Not that it's a good thing that a family of foxes has formed its den in the median on Wahsatch Avenue — I'd rather see them safe away from fast traffic.

But I happened to be driving by the other day, returning a kick-ass camera lens that I'd borrowed from Sean Cayton for the recent Radiohead show in Denver, when I noticed three kits playing with one of their parents in the median.

I quickly screwed on Cayton's lens — perfect for the up-close shots from a distance so as not to disturb — and took the following series of photos as the other fox parent showed up with a freshly-caught squirrel for breakfast.

Check out a quick slideshow here, detailing the whole family meal. (Or click the photo below.)

A not so secret fox den in the city.


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