Marijuana: Lawsuit filed against CU-Boulder over 4/20




A press release from the Colorado 4/20 Coalition says that noted medical-marijuana attorney Robert Corry has filed an emergency temporary restraining order against the University of Colorado because it decided to close its campus to the public in hopes of killing the yearly gathering of marijuana smokers on Norlin Quad.

"The annual 4/20 Protest Against Marijuana Prohibition has taken place every year on campus on 4/20 at 4:20pm for at least the past 20 years," reads the release. "Last year, it attracted over 10,000 people at the height of the protest at 4:20pm. CU has said that this poses a 'distraction', which they say gives them the authority to close the entire campus to non-students. CU has provided no evidence of anything that would constitute a 'distraction' to the entire campus and provided no evidence of any crimes or problems caused by the 4/20 protesters.

"This year, the CU administration will be using ... law enforcement officers from Boulder PD, Lafayette PD, Boulder County Sheriff's Office, the Department of Revenue's Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division, and other agencies to help shut down the protest. Tickets will be issued for trespassing to any non-student who tries to enter any part of the CU campus."

The issue has divided the college community, as city leaders have come out in support of the university, who say the event is a party, not a protest.

The legal filing was done on behalf of several non-student community members who wanted to protest on campus. A hearing has yet to be scheduled.

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