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Robert Blaha
  • Robert Blaha

Last week, U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn participated in a forum with his primary challenger, Robert Blaha, sponsored by the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition.

The Indy's Rich Tosches was there, and reported on the event in this week's paper.

Thursday, the congressman's press secretary, Catherine Mortensen, sent out a link to a video snippet from that night's forum in which Blaha bluntly states that he is opposed to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in District of Columbia et al. v. Heller.

This is not a particularly pro-gun stance to be taking, as was clear when Lamborn took the opportunity to pounce on Blaha's statement.

We reached out to the Blaha campaign, and asked for a clarification of his position on Heller.

Ashlee Springer, his campaign spokeswoman, points to a press statement that the campaign released last Friday:

“I've had a concealed carry permit for many years, and have been an active firearms enthusiast my entire life. My commitment to the 2nd Amendment is more than words; it's backed by life-long activism and action."

"In the series of back and forth questions about the Heller decision and related legislation, I simply misspoke on the question of whether I supported the court's decision. I support Heller, and more importantly, as I say consistently every time I am asked, I will be a strong voice and a fighter for our 2nd Amendment freedoms.”

As in all areas of Robert Blaha's platform for U.S. Congress, his lifestyle as a private citizen proves his advocacy and strongly reflects the conservative values he champions - chief among them, the right to bear arms.

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