Two flavors of tax day protest





Got a couple options this Sunday afternoon for some old fashioned rallyin' and protestin':

In Acacia Park, from 1 to 2:30, the El Paso County Tea Party will be holding a rally to, among other things, "stop the spending madness in Denver and Washington D.C." Perhaps, this rally will also serve to remind people that the Tea Party still exists.

But, if the small-government crowd ain't your scene, you could always walk down the street to the steps of City Hall, and join your local postal workers by supporting their effort to stave off the closing of the city's U.S. Postal Service's Processing and Distribution Center.

According to their press release:

WHAT: Colorado Springs' local postal workers will hold a RALLY (one of hundreds being held nationwide) and conduct informational pickets to inform citizens that the Postal Service uses no taxpayer money and hasn't for 30 years; it derives its revenue from the sale of stamps and services. We will also inform the public about the latest development in the fight against a plan to consolidate the USPS Processing and Distribution Center. The plan would mean slower, less reliable service for our area. Checks would arrive late, bills would not get paid on time, and medication delivered by mail would take longer to arrive.

That rally starts at noon and plans to run until 1. Come to think of it, if you wanna make a schizophrenic time of it, start your afternoon over at City Hall supporting your local union laborers and then jog on over and protest those big-government socialists.

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