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I hope by now you know that the Indy is now publishing on Wednesdays. (Catch all of our witty banter about "breaking up" with Thursdays?) But that doesn't just mean we go to print a day early, or give you an extra day to plan your weekend.

For those of you looking to submit events, it also means our listings deadline has changed.

That's right. Listings are now due Wednesday at noon for the following Wednesday's paper.


That goes for all music events, film screenings, art shows, poetry readings, things that appear in the section titled Listings, the section titled Playing Around ... you get it. I stress this because with our Wednesday-centric news cycle, our own in-house deadlines will be much more strict.

Remember, all of our listings are entered by myself and another staff member into our database, meaning they are curated, edited and, when necessary, clarified. This takes a lot of time, and there are dozens of listings submitted each and every week. (For more information on that, with old deadlines, read here.)

So as ever, the earlier you let us know what's happening, the better. Not only because you don't have to worry about deadlines, but because that allows us to plan greater coverage, should your event seem likely to attract widespread interest among our readers. Generally, we prefer at least three weeks' notice to put together a feature story: that's time to assign the reporting and writing, to allow the writer to conduct interviews and craft the piece, and then for us to edit, fact-check, and then design the page.

Lastly, it bears repeating that listings, like all editorial content, is completely separate from ads and anything happening in our sales department. Same goes for sponsorships through our front office or marketing departments.

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