Palisade's Peach Street: Distillery of the Year




Based in Palisade, Peach Street Distillers is a craft spot founded in 2004 by the same folks behind Ska Brewing Co. in Durango. Such crossover is becoming something of a national theme among craft brewers, as Dogfish Head Brewery, Rogue Ales and Anchor Brewing Co. have all jumped into the distillery business.

It's turning out pretty well for Peach Street, though, as the American Distilling Institute, "the voice of craft distilling," has just named the outfit its Distillery of the Year.

“In deciding this award we look for a distillery that personifies the artisan distillery movement — commitment to excellence in creativity and quality,” says judging director Andrew Faulkner in a press release. “Peach Street has entered a select group of distilleries you could count on the fingers of one hand.”

As usual, it's not only Colorado's craft-food industries doing well.

"On the heels of the explosive growth in craft beer and boutique wines during the last decade, craft distillers have also been on the rise," says the release. "The ADI’s artisanal distillers membership more than quadrupled from just 60 artisanal distillers in 2003 to 260 by 2010. The demand is being fueled by the same desire for locally produced, authentic foods and beverages that is driving growth in other artisan products, including wine, beer and cheeses."

Peach Street scored elsewhere, earning a gold medal for its peach brandy (made with fruit from the fields of Palisade); a silver medal for its pear brandy; and bronze medals for its Jack and Jenny Peach Eau de Vie, and Colorado Straight Bourbon, respectively.

The company's booze isn't distributed that widely yet, but a quick call down to Coaltrain Wine & Spirits revealed it's carrying the pear brandy and bourbon right now, and can custom-order anything else.

And if you ever get your hands on that gold-winning peach, maybe stop by 235 S. Nevada Ave. first, and sit for a spell.

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