Strong-mayor blues: Bach reveals his musical origins




Steve Bach is not only a strong mayor, he's also an exciting mayor.

Of course, we've known that ever since one of his earliest official acts was to hold a community pep rally outside the Pioneers Museum, complete with cheerleaders and a demonstration of those fancy low-flow toilets everyone's talking about nowadays.

And it only gets better. This morning, a post on Bach’s Facebook page asked us all to "guess what kind of music Mayor Bach likes most?"

The mystery was revealed by an accompanying video of the "St. Louis Blues March" from the 1953 film, The Glenn Miller Story, which opens with a uniformed Jimmy Stewart listlessly conducting the Army Air Force Band.

"Colonel, do we have to play this kind of music?" asks the beleaguered bandleader, who is curtly informed that "the Army has marched to this music for 100 years."

The fact that Bach is still marching to that same music nearly 60 years later would almost be quaint, if it weren't for the fact that his job is to lead our city forward.

Maybe Bach should take Bessie Smith's advice from the original version: "If I'm feelin' tomorrow like I feel today / I'll pack my truck and make my getaway."

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