UPDATE: The Poet Spiel returning to the BAC



It's now been confirmed by the BAC that Spiel's one-man performance, "The Poet Spiel also known as..." will be Fri., May 18 at 8 p.m. Seating is limited and for adults only.


The Poet Spiel (or Spiel, for short) the Pueblo artist and poet we profiled back in January 2011, will return to Manitou's Business of Art Center in May for a new solo show, for dying out loud. Dying will include a rare performance art piece by Spiel, the date of which will soon be announced.

The exhibit itself will include a modified version of the beautiful white bread sculpture Spiel created for a 38 Degrees Latitude group show at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center back in 2010 (38 Degrees is a Pueblo artist collective). The work "can we talk about sex," which was pulled from last year's State Fair art show amid a cloud of controversy, will also be revamped and shown at the BAC.

Spiel will also unveil two new pieces, paper quilts called "this means nothing" and "for dying out loud," like the show. The former is covered in football terminology, scripture and sex talk, the latter in nursery rhymes, speeches, song lyrics and famous documents. The pieces were inspired by a series of drug-induced trips Spiel experienced while convalescing from a serious health issue this past winter, having gone into the hospital last August.

Here are some images of the quilts, dying and means nothing, respectively. Dying are is made from a delicate parchment-like paper and sewn together with yarn. Coffee and bleach stains roughen the layers of text, which often drift into incoherence, lorem ipsum style.

A detail, non-color corrected.

Read more about Spiel, and the show, here.

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