Know your history: Roots of the ReMINDers and Haunted Windchimes




As the national profile of the ReMINDers and the Haunted Windchimes continues to rise, it's interesting to note that both local acts have antecedents that predate their current incarnations.

As proof, here's a pair of videos that may surprise you.

The first is a performance by A Poor Substitute, which features the Windchimes' Inaiah Lujuan in a punk-rock mode that's more Minutemen than Leadbelly.

Scroll down further to watch Accumen, which features Samir Zamundu from the ReMINDers with his brother-in-law Ahmad Hassan Mitchell (who performs these days as Fidel RedStar) in a bilingual state of mind.

And as long as we're on the subject, you can also catch all three artists in upcoming shows:

• Fidel RedStar will be opening for JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound at the Black Sheep April 5,

• The Haunted Windchimes will be doing a CD release show at the Fine Arts Center on April 6, and

• The ReMINDers are sharing a bill with BlackStar (featuring Mos Def and Talib Kweli) at Cervante's up in Denver on April 14.

Right then, on with the history lesson ...

A Poor Substitute


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