Better balls coming to Sky Sox baseball




Nothing has excited this staff — er, one or two members of it, anyway — like the idea of a humidor being installed at the Colorado Springs Sky Sox's Security Service Field, in an effort to limit the effect our thin, dry air has on how the baseball reacts to being thwacked. The parent Colorado Rockies and Coors Field have one, dammit, and we want one, too.

And now we do, says Thomas Harding with

"It's installed and currently operational," Rockies player development director Jeff Bridich said. "I'm sure all of the home pitchers and all of the road pitchers — every pitcher in the park will be thankful."

The chamber at Coors, the so-called "humidor," helped normalize pitching. In the past, the high-desert atmosphere caused baseballs to become smaller, more slippery and harder — conditions that favor hitting. It's even more pronounced at Security Service Field, which is about 1,000 feet higher in elevation than Coors Field


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