Lil Bobo stalking the Broncos' Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow



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Like any responsible news site, we test and vet pretty much any piece of information we're going to present to the public. Want to write us a letter? We'll call you and make sure you're a real person who really wrote us. Want to tip us off to some great dish? We're going to make sure the restaurant's still open (mostly because we want to go eat it), and that the dish costs what you say. We even fact-check our syndicated content — you're not getting anything past us, Advice Goddess!

But sometimes we come across a piece of information so blindingly full of truth, so clearly speaking the word of goodness and information, that we don't even have to wonder. And so it is with this lovely gem posted on Denver craigslist.

The main reason why Peyton signed with the Titans instead of with the Broncos is because Peyton didn't want to get stalked and sexually harasssed by Lil Bobo. Heck just ask Tebow, Lil Bobo has been writing and e-mailing Tebow nonstop sending him flowers, candy, stuffed teddy bears, and nude pictures of himself.

It's just an intriguing bit of work that demands deciphering!

Where has this poster been all day that he thinks Peyton Manning signed with the Tennessee Titans? (Oops, here it comes again: Oh, God — yes!!) How did Manning know about Lil Bobo, and is the Bo-man (or woman) an equal-opportunity stalker, or they just stick to quarterbacks in controversy?

(Dude sounds creepy-generous either way. Nude pictures I can handle, but candy and teddy bears is a little much.)

Either way, it seems like Tebow's the real winner here, even if he gets shipped out to the hinterlands to back up Danny Woodhead in New England. (Don't worry Patriots fans: Tebow's not very disruptive at all.) Anyway, he's been spared. Then all of the diminutive Bobo's attention will be focused on the same place as everybody else's: one Mr. P. Williams Manning, long may he prosper.

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