UPDATE: My Strange Addiction comes to Colorado Springs



Had enough of watching everyone else's addictions? Have your own bizarre-fluid-consuming, odd-object-hoarding vice you're willing to share? My Strange Addiction is casting, and here's what you need to know:

Are you currently struggling to overcome a strange obsession, addiction or compulsive behavior that is taking over your life?

Do you spend countless hours obsessing about something or engaging in behavior that others would say is strange?

Have you drained all of your finances into this obsession?

Are your friends and family members concerned about your wellbeing?

Would you like to regain control of your life and your health?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of these questions, you may qualify to be a participant in a major documentary series that offers professional assistance for those struggling with a strange obsession, compulsion, or addiction.

For consideration, please reply to this ad with your name, age, contact information,
and brief explanation of how a strange addiction is taking over your life. You can also contact us directly at 312/467-8145 or 20westcastingteam@gmail.com.

All submissions will remain confidential. Thank you for sharing your story.

Editor's note: Please don't call the Indy, OK?

——- ORIGINAL POST, 7:54 P.M., FRIDAY ——-

At the risk of joining this circus, I post this:

TLC is known widely as the dumping ground for all things weird and exploited, thanks to the likes of Jon and Kate and other parenting disasters framed into TV shows. Now it will come closer to home with My Strange Addiction, which chronicles people with strange and specific addictions.

Sunday's season finale will feature a woman from Colorado Springs named Carrie, whose addiction is drinking her own urine. She ingests just about everything she passes, she says. Carrie will drink it by glass, drink it via her nose with a neti pot, drink it through her eyes with an eye cup and rub her week-old urine on her skin.

For once, Colorado Springs wasn't a sticking point on Gawker's post about the show, probably because the story is weird enough in itself.

Regardless, hopefully Carrie can get the help she needs.

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