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I suffered something of a shock today when an e-mail from a PR company pimping a contest from Reader's Digest arrived in my inbox. Uh, how come nobody told me the magazine still existed, let alone just sold one of my favorite amateur recipe sites?!

I guess it could be because I haven't been in a doctor's office since my seventh-grade physical. That ended well: a portable electrocardiography monitor worn for a week proved I had a heart murmur, which kept me off the team that year, and eventually prevented me from being drafted by the NFL. (Not really — I played football in eighth grade. Our biggest play of the year took place when I was supposed to be on the field but was cluelessly standing on the sideline instead.)

But back to the Digest. Who reads that thing!? Wikipedia says everybody in every country, more or less. Except for me. (By the way, don't blow my mind by telling me that Highlights for Children and Parade also continue to hit the press regularly.)

Regardless, I still get these lovely e-mails. So, to the point, the big RD seeks personal stories and photos that illustrate what makes that person's town super-keen.

The author of the winning story will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and their town will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest magazine. This is an opportunity for individuals to shine and possibly bring national attention to their hometowns!

In addition, each week a new American town will be named America’s Most Interesting Town by popular vote and will be featured on the website and in an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest. Locals can show their community spirit by logging on and voting for their town as many times as they like.

So, basically, if you care about our city, you'll submit all your archival information to the mag, make your run at a grand, and then vote like a caffeinated gerbil. Do it for us — do it for Colorado Springs.


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