Postal workers hit back in ads



The American Postal Workers Union has unveiled a series of TV ads that it plans to run from this evening up until the U.S. Postal Service either goes through with its plan to close hundreds of facilities, or backs down.

The closures, which would include the Springs' processing center, are supposed to take place sometime in May.

The reason for these closures, according to the USPS, is simple. It needs to cut costs. Local APWU representative Chuck Bader argues that it isn't the USPS's fault that it's losing money:

The primary cause of the Postal Service’s dire financial situation is a mandate imposed by Congress in 2006 that requires the USPS to “pre-fund” healthcare benefits for future retirees. This obligation drains approximately $5.5 billion annually from postal accounts to fund a 75-year obligation — in just 10 years. No other government agency or private business bears this burden.

You can read more of his response to the proposed closures here.

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