Fremont County still discussing Over the River



No big news on this front, just that Fremont County is taking its time on deciding if it will grant Over the River the temporary event permit it needs.

The permit decision was tentatively scheduled for today's board of commissioners meeting, but according to the Fremont County website, it's been tabled for another two weeks:

After a three hour marathon discussion Tuesday afternoon between the Fremont County Commissioners and the Over the River team, sorting out language to proposed conditions for a temporary use permit for the Over the River art project, it appeared a document might be ready for the Commissioners formal consideration at their March 13th board meeting. But after communication between attorneys the past two days, the Board of Commissioners learned Thursday afternoon that a document will not be ready for consideration by Tuesday’s board meeting.

Fremont County Commission Chair Debbie Bell said while attorneys for both sides have resolved many of the details regarding the proposed conditions, more work needs to be done on resolving the formula that will be used to determine impacts to county roads during the six week exhibition phase of the project in 2015. Bell said the language on the more than 30 proposed conditions needs to be finalized before the Board of Commissioners can weigh a final decision of whether to approve or deny the permit.

Bell notes that on February 28th the Commissioners voted to table consideration of the permit until March 13th which is why it appears on next Tuesday’s agenda. Bell said the Commissioners informed the Over the River team that they will not have to be present on Tuesday as the board is expected to table the matter again for another two weeks.

Stay tuned.

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