They Are Not a Glum Lot



Here at the Indy, we can sometimes be a glum lot, but Sam Erickson and his cohorts don't have that luxury.

We Are Not a Glum Lot, which bears the distinction of being the only high school-age band so far to play the Indy Music Awards Festival, has all sorts of good news today, beginning with the posting of the first song from their forthcoming debut EP.

You can check out "This One Battle" below, and if you hear a little bit of Weezer in there, hey, nothing wrong with that, right?

The band also announced that it'll be playing at low-key gig tonight at 8 at 225 Coffee Shop and Venue.

Located at 225 N. Weber St., the downtown coffeehouse opened in January and seems to be off to a good start. According to Sam, Dino Belli from the Flumps "may or may not" be opening.

For more info, you can give the venue a call at 884-6225.

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