Survey says today's teens are pretty pragmatic




A national survey of teens commissioned by Junior Achievement, the Colorado Springs-based nonprofit that works with students, says that 43 percent are "very confident" they'll some day land their dream job, according to a press release.

This means that almost 60 percent of the teens out there understand how the world works. I'm thinking that's got to be a record, or something! (And to you dreamers: Don't stop believing. Unless you're 46 years old and eating ramen out of a dirty bowl. Then you should stop believing.)

Anyway, 71 percent said they'd rather pay their bills; or, as stated on the survey, they'd give up their dream job for one that paid more, or they'd considering doing so. On a more personal level, believe me — this idea has never, ever come up in an office full of journalists.

Of course, there's always a down side to things.

"It is concerning to see the number of teens who are considering changing their goals based on the state of the economy and their perceived ability to make money in their dream career," says JA CEO Jack E. Kosakowski in the release.

The online survey was conducted by Knowledge Networks and contacted 787 teens age 14 to 18. For more on it, click here.

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