Music Monday: Juggalo Nation secedes from Facebook




Cue cease-and-desist order in 10-9-8 ...

In a move as disturbing as it was inevitable, the Juggalo Nation has just broken off from the rest of us in the most powerful way possible, with the creation of its own version of Facebook called JuggaloBook.

As this screen-capture from suggests, the Insane Clown Posse duo isn't exactly being discreet about its, um, borrowing from the godfather of all social media. Then again, passing themselves off as quasi-satirists is an excuse the ICP crew has intermittently fallen back on for ages.

On the plus side, the move could make life easier for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, which last year categorized Juggalos as a criminal gang. Then again, why can't FBI agents just buy their information from Facebook like everybody else?

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