GOP strikes down another of Lee's bills




Local state Rep. Pete Lee has not been having good luck with committees recently.

Earlier this month, his economic gardening bill died thanks to a party-line vote in a state House committee.

Then Wednesday, his bill to establish a state-managed campaign contribution fund for legislative candidates died a quick death in the State, Military & Veterans Affairs committee.

The bill would have created "a system of public financing of political campaigns for candidates running for a seat in the general assembly. The system is to be administered and enforced by the Colorado citizen-funded campaigns commission (commission). Moneys for campaigns are to be paid from the newly created Colorado citizen-funded campaigns fund (fund) to qualifying candidates who satisfy certain requirements."

According to a press statement from the Democrat:

I hear from Coloradans all the time about how concerned they are about big money and special interests in politics. This bill is a creative approach and one way to start the conversation in addressing these concerns. I look forward to continuing this important conversation in the future.

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