UPDATE: Gessler: You may not be registered to vote!



Looks like Scott Gessler's Secretary of State Office may be off the hook for a problem with voter registration forms.

The group responsible for the forms said the fields were missing due to a printing problem. The group also says that the issue is being fixed.

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FEBRUARY 24, 2012

In the course of mailing more than one million voter registration applications to 27 states this week ,a printer’s mistake was made that affected the 17,291 applications sent to Colorado. Immediately after being informed by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office yesterday, the Voter Participation Center took steps to rectify the problem.

The registration applications went to unregistered Colorado residents without a signature line on the most recent version of the state registration form. Postcards explaining the problem are being sent to all recipients of the mailing and corrected, official registration forms will be forwarded to all recipients in the next few weeks.

The Voter Participation Center (VPC) has worked cooperatively with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office before finalizing the mailers and as in the past, sincerely appreciates their input and support.

The (VPC) works specifically to boost voter turnout among underrepresented groups — the unmarried women, Latinos, African-Americans, and young people who make up the majority of the population (53 percent), but do not the majority of the electorate yet. In the 2010 elections, they made up 42 percent of the electorate. Our job is to close that gap.

In Colorado, these voters make up 46.2 percent of the voting eligible population; more than 42 percent of them are unregistered. The VPC encourages the people who receive the corrected form to fill it out and return it.



In what seems an interesting circumstance, Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced to his e-mail recipients today that a group's voter registration forms aren't valid, and therefore many Coloradans who think they've registered actually won't be on the rolls.

I say interesting for three reasons:

1) The group whose forms are apparently inadequate, the Voter Participation Center, worked directly with the state’s Elections Division to create the voter registration forms that were sent out to voters. Thus it seems rather surprising that they'd be inadequate.

2) The Voter Participation Center states on its website that its main goal is getting "unmarried women, people of color and 18-29 year olds" to vote. Just in case you didn't know, those are all groups that traditionally vote for Democrats.

3) The Secretary of State has spent his tenure at war with the Legislature, voter rights groups, and election law groups over his controversial policies. Gessler has sought at every turn to decrease the transparency of elections, and has stated repeatedly that he's removing voters from the rolls — without providing any clear evidence that those voters are violating any laws.

Thus, this latest development should definitely make you go "hmmm." Meanwhile, get the word out about these apparently defective voter registration forms. Voters can easily register online at https://www.sos.state.co.us/Voter/secuRegVoterIntro.do.

Mass Voter Registration Mailing Missing Required Info
Voter Participation Center forms missing affidavit and signature field

Denver, Colorado — Many Coloradans will receive or have already received voter registration applications from the Voter Participation Center. The group mailed voter registration applications throughout the state along with a pre-addressed envelope made out to the Secretary of State’s office.

Unfortunately, the voter registration forms fail to include a signature field and affidavit required under state law, among other deficiencies.

“Many of these unsuspecting Coloradans might believe they’re registered to vote when, in fact, these forms are insufficient under state law,” Secretary of State Scott Gessler said. “Although our county clerks will alert these applicants to their incomplete registrations, voters deserve clear guidance and access to the voter rolls.”

Coloradans who received the mailings should first verify their voter record by visiting GoVoteColorado.com to ensure it is accurate. Those with a Colorado identification card or driver’s license can make changes directly through the web site or can print out and mail a state-approved voter registration application directly to their county clerk or the Secretary of State’s office.

Although the Voter Participation Center worked through the state’s Elections Division, the mailing failed to match the approved voter registration form.

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Here is what the faulty form looks like: Faulty_form.pdf

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