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Doug Bergeron
  • Doug Bergeron

U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn has another challenger to contend with this year. Early on in his re-election bid to represent the 5th Congressional District for a fourth term, Lamborn picked up a primary challenge from political newcomer, Republican Robert Blaha.

He is also facing a general election challenge from independent Dave Anderson.

And now, a second political newcomer has launched a primary campaign: Doug Bergeron.

According to Bergeron's website, he is a self-made businessman, who has worked for 26 years growing his insurance agency.

Over the years I’ve worked at just about everything from loading trucks in a grocery warehouse, distributing newspapers at 2:00 AM seven days a week, working as a mason contractor, store owner, selling cars and real estate....

Life is good, but it hasn’t always been that way. When we first came to Colorado, we became another statistic in the real estate crash of the mid-eighties. To make ends meet, we sold our home and cars, put our furniture in storage, and moved into an apartment. When I look at you and say, "I understand," believe me I really understand.

Bergeron lists as his key issues many conservative tropes, such as a strong support of the Second Amendment, an opposition to government health care, and a pro-military posture with a pointed support for the war on terror.

However, on immigration, the environment and "Right to Life" he tends to moderate away from the much more ardently conservative Lamborn: On immigration, Instead of trumpeting a strict anti-immigrant stance, he has taken the more-moderate position that legal immigration is a value and ought to be supported; he takes a nuanced stand on the environment calling for "strong and fair" government protections; and while he expresses his personal opposition to abortion, he states, "I believe these issues are personal, moral issues between the individual and his/her God. This should not be a political agenda."

He also states that he would support a limit of 12 years for legislators serving in Congress.

His press release:

Colorado Springs man looks forward to Colorado 5th Congressional District race.

Unlike career politicians, Doug Bergeron has never held political office, but has been a successful businessman in Colorado Springs for 27 years. It is this background that makes him well suited for the job.

When first arriving in Colorado Springs 27 years ago, despite working seven days a week at two jobs, they lost their home, returned new cars, and fell behind on all their bills. When Bergeron looks at you as a constituent and says he can relate, unlike most politicians, he really can.

This moderate Republican believes in twelve year term limits, bi-partisanship, political accountability, personal freedom, and limited government.


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