Springs: Not a windy city


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The mix of energy sources fueling Colorado Springs won't include as much wind as Colorado Springs Utilities previously planned.

The Utilities Board, comprised of City Council, decided by consensus Wednesday that it wouldn't buy 50 megawatts of wind for which Utilities has been planning for a year or so. Council members expressed concern about wind costing more than the city's main source, which is coal.

"The Board asked us to continue to look for ways to obtain contract/subscription wind power for our customers who have higher renewable energy goals," Utilities spokesman Dave Grossman says in an e-mail. "Even without this wind purchase, we expect to reach our 2020 Energy Vision goals," which require the city to get 10 percent of its power from renewables.

Customers have an appetite for renewable energy, but not if it's going to cost too much, according to surveys Utilities has conducted. The results are shown below.



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