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Kent Lambert
  • Kent Lambert

There is nothing much that I can add to the debate over the use of precious metals as a currency, as so much has been said already.

Just wanna point out that one of our local legislators, Republican Sen. Kent Lambert, has introduced a bill that would legalize the use of silver and gold as a legal tender.

The bill argues that the stable value of these metals would enhance the lives of taxpayers and grow Colorado's economy.

Springs' Rep. Marsha Looper is a co-sponsor in the House.

The bill finds and declares that under the Colorado constitution people have the inherent and inalienable right to acquire, possess, and protect property, including the right to acquire, possess, and circulate gold and silver coin. The bill also finds and declares that the circulation of constitutionally based money is important to Colorado intrastate commerce and that under the Colorado and United States constitutions the general assembly and other duly elected Colorado state officers retain primary jurisdiction over the regulation of Colorado intrastate commerce.

The bill reaffirms that gold and silver coin issued by the United States government or authorized by law is a currency that is legal tender in Colorado. The bill also specifies that a person cannot compel another person to tender or accept gold and silver coin issued by the United States government or authorized by law.

You can read the rest of his bill here.

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