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  • FLICKR / Neeta Lind

In last week's CannaBiz, we reported a little bit about where the city of Colorado Springs, specifically the City Clerk's office, is with the licensing of local medical marijuana centers. Owners are anxious to receive full state licensing, which is impossible without a license from the local government authority.

What we didn't receive at the time were the whos and whys of the centers that went through the process but came out without a license. Turns out some were withdrawn by the center voluntarily, and some were just straight rejected.

Here's who voluntarily withdrew. City code doesn't require applicants to provide a reason for their withdrawal, but we plan to contact a few of these folks for this week's paper. (Though Natural Remedies' reason has become all too clear.)

Applicant Name DBA Date Withdrawn
Integrated Caregiver Services, LLC Integrated Caregiver Services, LLC 10/31/2011
All Good Care Center, Inc All Good Care Center 11/10/2011
Winpark I, LLC The Herban Center, LLC 11/14/2011
CAB, LLC CAB 01/09/2012
Mountain View Cannabis, LLC Mountain View Cannabis, LLC 01/09/2012
Colorado Cannabis Caregivers, LLC C.C.C., LLC 01/20/2012
Green Life Medical Center, LLC Green Life Medical Center, LLC 01/30/2012
Sibannac, LLC Sibannac, LLC 02/09/2012
Natural Remedies MMJ, LLC Natural Remedies 02/09/2012

Next up: the rejected.

As of 2/10/2012, the Following applications for Medical Marijuana Business Licenses have been denied:

Applicant Name DBA Date Denied
Absolute Manitou Wellness Center, LLC Absolute Manitou Wellness Center 10/11/2011
Failure to meet statutory deadlines for pre-registering the business and premise location in Colorado Springs prior to 7/1/2010.

Mountain Made Meds, LLC Mountain Made Meds 01/10/2012
Failure to provide required application documentation, failure to maintain possession of the premises, and failure to disclose criminal history.

Canna-Pothecary, LLC Canna-Pothecary 01/30/2012
In order to not prejudice the applicant during any potential appeal period, denial reason is not yet public record.

The Wellness Source, LLC The Wellness Source 02/01/2012
In order to not prejudice the applicant during any potential appeal period, denial reason is not yet public record.


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