Sir Richard's Condoms: 'Doing good never felt better'




It's National Condom Week. And there's a rubber company headquartered in Boulder that's helping you do good in more ways than one.

Specifically in honor of the Feb. 14 through 21 Condom Week, Sir Richard's Condom Company is asking those of you on Facebook or Twitter to simply share the news via their website. For each person who does, Sir Richard's will donate one condom to Haiti. It's a part of the company's larger "for every condom purchased, a condom is given to a developing country" project.

Most recently the company committed a donation of 500,000 condoms to Haiti:


Sir Richard's prides itself in producing a high-quality product with "carefully sourced ingredients." Their website describes their condoms as being made from 100 percent natural latex, free of glycerin, spermicide and parabens, and — especially for vegans — free of the dairy product casein. In Colorado Springs, you can find them at Whole Foods Market, or many of our local independent grocers, including Mountain Mama Natural Foods.

Now that you can be sure you or your partner's junk will be wrapped in the best glove possible, it's probably also worth mentioning, for those with a discerning eye, that these are perhaps the most fashion-forward condom packages in the industry. There's a different color plaid for just about any outfit. Get it on, Colorado!


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