Republicans stomp Pete Lee's garden


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Rep. Lee watching as the governor last year signs one of his bills
  • Rep. Lee watching as the governor last year signs one of his bills.

According to Rep. Pete Lee, the committee meeting where his economic gardening legislation failed featured four questions, little conversation and a terse party-line vote.

"I have no explanation of why a program that has been proven to work, adopted in 8 states, many regions and some cities, which is working in Pueblo to create 150 jobs at $45k , working in Florida as the lowest cost job creator and is unopposed in committee is defeated," he writes in an email. "There was a minimal fiscal impact."

The bill would have established a pilot program statewide that would have offered assistance to promising mid-range companies. Attempts to reach Republican legislators on the committee have not been successful.

As Lee describes the program he envisioned, it's a state "strategy that focuses on supporting high-growth, and high-potential local small businesses to generate a large number of new sustainable jobs. The primary role of state government in supporting these businesses is to cultivate a business environment responsive to the growth needs of this rapidly growing business sector. Linking local homegrown businesses to resources, technology, data bases, training programs, educational institutions and expertise has proven effective in helping them to grow."

According to the financial note for the bill, the program was going to cost "approximately $220,000 in gifts, grants, and donations."


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