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Brewer's Republic, in downtown Colorado Springs, across from City Hall, provides a lovely little service for the folks: It serves beer that people who care about beer want to drink.

Theirs isn't the biggest selection, but it's certainly among the most eclectic, with options from craft brewers across Colorado, and few from further abroad. It's a great place to find a gorgeous IPA from Odell Brewing Co., or some cherry bliss from Rocky Mountain Brewery, or the latest brew to go out through the pipes on nitro. And it's a great place for other goodness going down in the Springs.

What Brewer's Republic is less than stellar for, is buying a couple beers for under $10. Because along with all that selection comes pricing that leaves you paying more for a pint from Bristol Brewing Co. than you will at most any other place in town, except the Broadmoor's Golden Bee.

So it was interesting to read an individual identifying himself as a bar co-owner post a reply to this common complaint on reddit.

"I definitely understand about the prices," writes user dshaver2000, who's most likely co-owner David Shaver. "I've wanted to respond to people about our prices for a while, so please indulge me:"

1.) Unfortunately, our space is so super small that we can only run 5 gallon kegs. 5 gallon kegs end up costing us WAY more in the long run than 15 gallon kegs that most places run. Imagine that a 5 gallon keg costs $50. Typically, that same beer would only cost $95 for a 15 gallon keg. In the future, we're hoping to move to a bigger space where we can run 15 gallon kegs, still have tons of taps, and be able to keep the prices down on beer.

2.) We do have some reasonably priced beer. For example, most of our Bristol pints are $3.75 during happy hour. That's only $.25 more than actually going to Bristol to have a pint.

3.) Most of the beers that cost us more money, and therefore have to be a little more expensive, are super high ABV. If you drink a pint of Myrcenary for $5.75 during happy hour, it's the same ABV as drinking almost 3 Budweisers and tastes 100 times better. Pretty good deal to me.

And I'm definitely not railing against you ... I just want to make sure people understand where we're at. I've always been one of the owners, too, who advocates for having some inexpensive options on the menu as well as doing great specials every now and then to give people some good options. I'll definitely pass on your comment as well and we'll see about hopefully keeping a well-priced beer on the menu at all times. Thanks!

Now, of course, I have all the love in the world for Brewer's Republic — its opening saved a dead space, its vibe is pure coffee-shop-turned-bar, and its selection truly is a gift from Cthulhu. And credit where credit's due: Sometimes there are specials like this one, where pints of a stout from Upslope Brewing Co. were three bucks.

But just taking a look at those happy-hour prices the user mentions gives you an idea what it's like to drink there during normal hours. So beware: If it's always pleasurable to do so, it's not always practical.

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