A tantrum over DADT



A Kansas congressman just can't swallow the idea that Don't Ask Don't Tell is history, abolished last September.


Rep. Tim Huelskamp, obviously a Republican, has proposed a bill called the Military Religious Freedom Protection Act, which would ensure “that our military facilities are not used in contravention to the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which states that marriage is between one man and one woman only,” according to a report by The Raw Story that can be found here.

Sorry, Tim, that train has left the station, with the Pentagon issuing a memo mandating that military chapels be made available to service members for ceremonies that are legal in the states in which the facilities are located. There's nothing stopping service members in other states from using facilities for commitment ceremonies, which the Indy reported about a few months ago.

Huelskamp also bellyaches about military chaplains being forced to conduct ceremonies to which they object. Get with it, buddy: A Sept. 21 directive from the Department of Defense said military chaplains "may participate or officiate any private ceremony, whether on or off a military installation, provided that the ceremony is not prohibited by applicable state and local law," but the DoD doesn't require chaplains to perform rites that conflict with their religious or personal beliefs.

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