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Sen. Michael Bennet
Bennet: democracy at its finest.

Following Obama’s State of the Union address and a bunch of talk and/or malarkey addressing the national economy, Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is taking the Colorado economy into his own hands and asking for feedback from residents in an attempt to make the federal-state relationship smoother and more efficient, especially where federal grants and contracting are concerned.

“The best ideas do not come from Washington; they come from people on the ground in Colorado,” Bennet explained. To give businesses and organizations a voice, he set up a website of two surveys: one for anyone who has applied for, submitted bids for, or been awarded federal grants, another for anyone similarly involved with federal contracts.

In addition, Bennet has built a convenient 82-page web document detailing all the grants available to Colorado organizations in his Affordable Care Act (AFA). Don’t worry, the document is searchable.

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