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February's shaping up to be a pretty impressive month for art shows, one of which comes courtesy of Domino in Old Colorado City, which will showcase the work of Colorado artist Mike Fudge.

The Dallas native's work is slick yet organic, something you'd expect on a concert poster or maybe a tattoo. Yet it has some fascinating characteristics, lines and shapes that recall the artwork of Northwest Coast Native Americans. A colleague said it reminded him of Indian designs. Fudge seems to use both, and then some. But he says he's mostly interested in melding the man-made and the natural world together in his pieces.

Here's a sampling of his work here, which can be seen in person at Domino's opening reception, a week from Friday. An artist's statement from the gallery follows.

Sharpie Feather
  • Mike Fudge
  • "Sharpie Feather"

Headdress Bear

"Most of my work is inspired from the time I moved to Colorado in the summer of 2001 I have been amazed and obsessed with the natural beauty of the state. Claiming my art is homage to nature, hope, and daily life, I spend my days and nights honing and perfecting my craft. The artwork I create has a goal to explore the relation between our man made world and that of the natural. Seemingly organic shapes blend with indigenous portraits and patterns influenced by ancient art and the world's wisdom traditions.

"I have always attempted to disassemble the expectation for redundant and over used styles of art. While most of my work is highly detailed rendering these images in single color allows them to have both a technical and minimalist appeal.

"My mediums include everything from inks and acrylics to spray paint and graphite. I have been greatly inspired by a vast array of influences including the art masters, different cultures and history's most prolific geniuses. The areas of graffiti, contemporary art, and illustration have had an enormous impact on the way these concepts are brought from imagination to the world of form."


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