Don't panic, but your voter ID card may be incorrect



Considering all the barking we've all endured this election season about voter ID fraud, this is just funny.

Yes, conspiracy theorists, there is a problem with voter ID cards this year. No, it's not that they've been handed out to undocumented workers (those people that conservative politicians want us to believe are just desperate — desperate! — to take advantage of all those rights we proud Americans ignore year after year).

Actually, El Paso County government goofed when it listed school districts on cards, which means your new card may not list your correct school district. The county will send out new ones, so keep an eye on your mail if your card is incorrect. In the meantime, it's not a big deal, since school board candidates don't participate in the upcoming Republican caucus.


January 27, 2012 — Colorado Springs, CO — The El Paso County Clerk & Recorder's Office Wednesday mailed Voter Information Cards to affiliated voters in preparation for the Republican Party caucus on February 7 and the Democratic Party caucus on March 6. During the redistricting and re-precincting that occurred an error was made in a few precincts and the incorrect school district was listed for voters.

The Clerk's office identified this error after the cards were mailed. Voters that received the card with the incorrect school district information will receive by mail a new Voter Information Card with the corrected information. It is important to note that school districts are not part of the caucus process and this error does not affect the caucus.

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