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Looks like City Councilor Tim Leigh has managed to piss a whole bunch of people off. Again.

Leigh's not exactly known for holding his tongue. During the budget season, we reported that he didn't bother to show up to the city's biggest and most important public meeting of the year, the E-Town Hall, because he said constituent concerns wouldn't have affected his vote.

Then a story came out in the Gazette, suggesting that he was abusing his powers by trying to get a city employee to do his campaign work. Next, a Gazette columnist pointed to his rampant use of the Manitou Incline, which constitutes illegal trespassing.

On that last point, it should be noted that Leigh isn't the first Councilor to use the Incline illegally. Council President Scott Hente admitted to climbing it while in office (though he hasn't done it recently). But, as usual, it's not just Leigh's actions that offend, but his words.

Leigh went out of his way to say that the law shouldn't apply since it was so widely abused. For good measure, he threw in a fat joke. Apparently, not everyone was amused.

The following is an e-mail from local musician Chuck Snow:

Friends, I am asking your help in circulating this "Wanted" poster on your profiles on Facebook or by email to friends. I have having some physical posters printed off, but I understand the far-reaching power of the web. It is NOT currently legal to trespass on The Manitou Incline, and here we have one of our city council members (Tim Leigh) shamelessly breaking the law. We simply cannot have our politicians flagrantly circumventing the law under the excuse, "Everybody Does It".......

The last time I heard that was in my 2nd grade class after a boy was detained for making spitballs and of course the teacher replied, "Jimmy, if everybody jumped off a cliff, would you?" ...

Touche' Mrs Jennings... Touche'. (RIP). Making a "Citizens Arrest" is legal in the state of Colorado by the way.... Mr. Leigh obviously doesn't think much of "overweight people" either so I say it's high time
we made him understand he is an elected official, not a member of some elite fitness club which enables him to spit in the eye of the law while mocking his weigh-challenged constituents.

Thanks for your help.

Chuck Snow


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