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UPDATE: Sheriff's spokesman Mike Schaller says weapons sold include those ordered forfeited by a court, such as when a person is convicted of a felony and can no longer legally own a firearm; those turned in to the Sheriff's Office by citizens, such as the discovery of weapons in an estate; and weapons that are not fired in the commission of crimes, such as menacing, after the case is resolved.

"We don't sell weapons involved in violent crimes or suicide," Schaller says.

Only people who hold federal firearms licenses are allowed to bid on the weapons, and funds raised by those sales go back into the sheriff's budget to pay for weapons training.

On a related note, Schaller says nearly 19,000 county residents have been issued concealed carry permits since former Sheriff John Anderson started the program in 1995. That's almost surely the highest total for any county in the state, because it was a record back when 5,000 concealed carry permits had been issued here.

Schaller notes that nobody has ever been arrested for committing a crime with a firearm who has a concealed carry permit.

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El Paso County is getting rid of an undisclosed number of guns confiscated in crimes or other situations, and will bring in roughly $40,000 to be used by county government.

Big Jim's Loans of Colorado Springs is the apparent low bidder for most of the weapons, according to bid tabulation sheets.

With government offices closed today, we contacted Big Jim's to find out what kind of goods we're talking about.

A manager named Steve who wouldn't give his last name says, "These guns are guns they have confiscated in one way or another. It's always nice to get a little more money to run the city [he meant county]. They open it up for licensed dealers to bid." Steve didn't know what types of guns his boss had bid on.

The bid sheets describe the only as handguns, rifles and shotguns.

We're trying to reach the Sheriff's Office to find out more details on these guns and will update if and when we hear back. Meantime, here's the results of the bid tabulation:




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